All the labor: The story of the Gourds - International Premiere

Sure, you can call The Gourds a rock band from Austin. And you can call Austin a city in Texas. And in so doing, you can miss all of the reasons why people across the world get giddy and starry-eyed when they talk about The Gourds, or Austin, or both. In many ways, The Gourds are the musical distillation of Austin’s colourful culture itself: genre-defying, boundary-pushing, unpretentious, gregarious. 

This documentary by Montana filmmaker Doug Hawes-Davis  takes aim at the elusive, ever-moving target that is The Gourds. Comprised of candid conversations, blazing performances, on-tour media interviews and insight from friends and family, the film captures the unbreakable backbeat and creative spark of “the national band of Austin” (New York Times).